24 Feb 2022

Floww Guides: How Startups Can Upload Financial Data

How To Upload Your Financial Data

This Floww guide will walk you through how to upload your financial data to Floww’s platform and organise it for investors in 4 quick steps.

When VCs, angels and accelerators are processing hundreds some times even thousands of potential deals, having data that tells an accurate story and presents your company in the best light, is likely the difference between securing the capital financing you need, and having investors pass on your deal.

By building trust and transparency through providing your company deck, financials, bespoke milestones and data, you give your team every chance to succeed and secure the funding you need to get to the next phase.

Floww provides a platform for startups to connect with top venture capital firms through a network built on unbiased data and metrics straight from the source itself.

Data builds trust and drives results between startups and VCs, where startups can show true company performance and potential to venture capital firms, and VCs, in turn, have all the information to make the best investment decisions.

For many startups, organising financial models and sifting through spreadsheets can seem overwhelming. For founders it can take time and energy, and mistakes and small errors can arise in the data which can be detrimental to startups down the line.

Floww provides an easy solution that ensures all your data is accurate, and found in one safe place.

A screenshot of the Floww data pages, presenting startup KPIs.

Data and KPIs are presented in a variety of formats

Startups who join the platform simply drag and drop their financials, cap table and deck into the platform, and Floww’s team of accountants processes the data, presenting it in multiple formats such as interactive graphs and detailed tables.

Startups can also upload new financials, or any updates to existing models 24/7 and Floww’s team of accountants and content experts will process it and update the startup profile.

Privacy is key and along every step of the way, you choose what data you want to share, and with which investors. Floww’s platform means you are always in control of your data, and that it can only be shared how and when you want.

To upload or update your data on Floww, there are a few simple steps.


  1. Open the page titled Info
  2. On the right-hand side of the page, click the blue button that either says Edit your Company Data if you already have some uploaded, or Upload your data if you have yet to
  3. Describe any changes to your data in the text box and hit next
  4. Drag and drop updated financials, cap table or deck into the appropriate areas, and hit submit

You can also update or upload data on the Connect page, by clicking the same blue button in the right-hand corner and repeating these steps.

For investors making decisions on companies to bet on, having accurate data, KPIs and milestones to review helps create a compelling story, and track record. As a founder, standout from the competition by keeping your data up to date, and giving investors everything they need to back you and help get your company to the next stage.

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