24 Jul 2021

Floww Guides: Discovering and Connecting with new Startups

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Traditional introductions between Venture Capitals and Startups usually begin with a warm introduction and through a long-standing network of connections. Today, Floww allows VCs to source startups on a platform that connects them based on unbiased and real data, from the Startup itself.

Startups upload financials and other data into the system and Floww’s team of accountants process it, making sure VCs are seeing real, accurate data and therefore can make the best investment decisions.

The Discover Page

To Discover startups on the platform, VCs use the Discover page. VCs can filter startups based on location, sector and funding round, and view a huge range of startups to source one that is the perfect match for them.

Startups are sorted into different categories on the home page, such as Recently Added, AI and Big Data Analytics and Startups with Data. VCs can also filter their page view to see only startups they have or have not connected with, or that they have not seen before.

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VC Resources on Floww.

Click on the Profile Image of any Startup to view more information on them and view some of their data if it is public. You will be able to see a company profile, that gives a background of the qualitative side of the company, as well as quantitative financial data for Startups with public data.

Startups whose data is not public, share financials, Cap Tables and other KPIs with VCs that request to Connect with them.

To connect with new Startups on the platform, VCs use the Discover page.


  1. Click on the profile image of any Startup, and it will open the Profile page.
  2. If this is a startup you are not already connected with, you will see a button that says Connect
  3. Click the connect button to receive accurate ratified data, including interactive financials from the Startup

The Connect Page

Use the Connect page in the Main menu to see Startups that have requested to connect with you, and choose what steps to take.

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Floww Connect. Image via Floww.

On the Connect page, you can choose from three options on how to respond:

  1. Create Due Diligence Deal – Green Thumb icon
  2. Add to Watchlist – Yellow Checklist icon
  3. Reject Company – Red Thumb icon

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Hover your cursor over the Profile Image of the Startup and you will see the three icons on the right of the box with the Startup information. If you cannot see this, try expanding your window into full-screen mode
  2. Click on the profile image of the startup to open the company profile, and the three icons are at the top of the page above the company logo

Data drives results and trust between VC and Startup. Discovering and Connecting with Startups on Floww is exactly how to get this data, to make accurate and successful investment decisions.

Are you looking for Startups that share your vision? Find out more about how Floww can help you source startups here.

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