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We’re simplifying investing in the private market.

Accessing the private market without a dedicated infrastructure can be complex, costly and time consuming. Smart investors eliminate these challenges by using Floww.

We are bringing greater liquidity, transparency and reduced risk to the private market with a global solution that is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, boasting transferrable protections, ownership rights and redemption to the underlying shares.


Industry-leading backing.

Our partnership with the London Stock Exchange Group focuses on realising the potential of the private market opportunity.

Why invest with Floww?

Floww brings the public market experience into private market investing.

Secure & regulated

As a fully regulated investment services provider under the FCA and JFSC, we have responsibilities to both investors and founders, to ensure the transaction is executed safely, securely and fairly for all parties.

Simplified investing

After creating a Floww profile and completing your investment due diligence, we allow eligible investors to invest in just a few clicks and Floww handles the complex admin for you.

Trusted deal flow

Every company is reviewed by Floww’s team of Financial Analysts and Fundraise Managers.


Access to new deal flow with FlowwPool

FlowwPool is a new and rapidly growing way to access and invest in high-growth UK companies. Join an anonymised network of eligible investors to expand your deal flow.

See exciting deals in the FlowwPool network across a broad range of sectors, granting you exposure to new, diverse opportunities.


Leverage tax relief

On Floww, you can benefit from the SEIS and EIS tax relief schemes to help you access up to 50% in income tax relief*.

SEIS and EIS are pipelines for early-stage investment into small, young, private UK companies with high-growth potential.

*Subject to individual circumstances.

True private market ownership

Striving to bring public market level liquidity to private market assets.

Globally tradable security

Floww’s solution allows global investors to purchase shares, with an upcoming capability to increase liquidity of those shares.


Redemption of underlying shares

We empower you to redeem underlying shares, enabling increased liquidity and reducing risk for your portfolio.

Transferrable voting rights

Reduce your risk with transferrable voting rights, allowing you to sell your shares without the approval of the company or other shareholders.

Floww SPV custody

Floww provides 5 years custody of share certificates at no additional costs. This offers investors significant savings and reduces administrative burden.


A global private network ecosystem

Floww’s solution brings greater liquidity to the private market with access to a larger pool of purchasing investors, bridging the gap from public to private market assets.

Our Floww SPV allows for an easier way to hold your investments while retaining your investor rights. The SPV services global investors, and the Floww platform allows you to connect with and share contact details with international investors.


Portfolio management
& reporting

Take your portfolio management to the next level with a single, consolidated view of all your Floww investments, leveraging data that is provided directly to Floww by scaling founders.

Combine this with Floww’s powerful benchmarking capabilities to quickly review your portfolio and build reports that surface your critical KPIs with ease.


Track your investments on the go

Floww’s mobile web app is built to leverage Floww’s rich portfolio reporting capabilities, enabling you to quickly analyse your investment performance while on the move.

The mobile web app also supports transacting, enabling you to commit to live funding rounds in a secure mobile-friendly interface.

Investing through Floww gave me full confidence to pull the trigger, which I have never experienced before. Their due diligence toolkit and simple procedures gave me full confidence that my investment was being handled safely and with care.
Tom Townsend – Investor

Our fees

A competitively priced, cost-effective all-in-one platform to invest in the private market.

Direct investment

Invest with direct founder introductions
(2% maximum fee. Fee dependent on raise amount.) 
  • Five years free share custody
  • SEIS & EIS tax relief where applicable
  • Escrow and payment agent services
  • Permitted transfers and direct secondaries

FlowwPool investment

Invest with FlowwPool introductions
  • All of the direct investment benefits
  • View deals anonymously
  • Expand your access to exciting deal flow
  • Receive exclusive updates from Floww on new deals before other investors

Angel syndicate investment

Invest with an angel syndicate
Get in touch
  • Leverage Floww’s regulated platform to conduct arranging activities
  • Revenue generation for deal sharing
  • Dedicated deal flow management tools
  • Keep track of portfolio company KPIs & share with your investors
Good to knowAll fee prices are provided as a percentage of your total investment amount.

Why Investors choose Floww

Floww’s fundraising infrastructure provides a feature-complete experience for investors to access and invest in private market companies.

Comprehensive company data

All fundraise data is checked by Floww’s team of financial analysts. Floww’s technology and data team ensures that all the necessary information is at your fingertips.

Curated deal flow

Broaden your deal flow and discover new sectors and opportunities by accessing FlowwPool.

Tax Relief

With Floww, you can benefit from the SEIS and EIS schemes to help you access up to 50% in income tax relief. Subject to individual circumstances.

Secondary markets

Floww’s SPV removes the entire administrative burden of secondaries, making it easier for you to sell your investments.

Global investing

Our global depositary structure enables ownership by offshore investors in a simple, compliant and tax efficient manner. Coming soon: invest in companies outside of the UK with offshore deals.

Centralise your investments

Consolidate all of your investments in one place. Gain visibility on new and old deals with a single all-in-one platform.

Authorised & regulated

As a fully regulated investment services provider under the FCA and JFSC, we ensure that transactions are executed safely, securely, and fairly for all parties.

Best-in-class legals

Floww offers best-in-class transaction documents, protecting both investor and the company.

Data security

Receive and share data securely and privately, using our patented permission-based technology.