For Founders

Perfect your pitch and tell your story with a smart, secure and all-in-one platform that supports you through your entire funding journey. Share data and reports seamlessly to build investor relationships.

For Venture Capitalists

Accelerate your deal flow with accountant-verified data. Filter and analyse deals based on funding stage, sector and performance. Seamlessly manage your portfolio and reporting.

For Investors

Access and invest in high-growth startups. Build your portfolio with intuitive filters to analyse deals based on funding stage, sector, and performance. Manage your investments in one place.

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For Startups

As a founder, tell your story and attract investors with the all-in-one platform. Highlight your company’s wins using interactive graphs and tables. Build stronger investor relationships with customisable reporting templates that showcase your milestones.

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For Venture Capital

Venture capitalists and their investors can now accurately track their portfolio performance and compare KPIs across their investments. Discover high-growth companies by funding stage, sector, location, diversity, and performance. Report back your outsized wins to your own investors and LPs.

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For Investors

A new way to access and invest in high-growth startups.

Find your next investment opportunity, access due diligence tools and build and manage your portfolio in one simple solution.

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Floww Platform: Company Example Page
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Floww Platform: KPI's
Floww Connect: Dashboard
Floww Platform: Data Dashboard
Our Existing Users

Your All-In-One Solution

Access everything you need to make data-driven decisions. Whether you are a startup looking for funding or an investor wanting data on your portfolio, Floww is your all-in-one solution.

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Stand Out and Get Funded.

Showcase your stellar data room through your fundraising journey.

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Venture Capital

Find and Analyse Top Startups

Filter by sector, stage, and performance, in real time. Keep your investors updated.

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Find Your Next Investment Opportunity.

Build your portfolio with confidence. Buy shares in high-growth companies.

Your Ecosystem
for Private Capital

Join a network where you get access to all the best deals and the data you need.

Startups, investors and venture capitalists each receive value from a network that thrives on real data, in real time.

It’s been a very helpful and smooth process.
Filiberto from Eqlaim
Amazing sense of urgency really. Got a video call to have some comfort about the product. The team did a fantastic job of scanning through the deck and creating a summary. In short - a very happy customer.
Susheel from Aureans
Floww’s own game-changing energy lies in its big-picture mission for the entire startup market.
CEO Magazine
Floww’s idea is that it showcases Startups based on Merit only.
A data-driven marketplace designed to allow founders to pitch investors.
Yahoo Finance
A rebellious solution to an outdated and exclusive process.
CEO Magazine