7 Nov 2023

How FlowwFunds is using technology to enhance venture fund management

FlowwFunds, Floww's new full VC fund management solution

Early-stage venture capital is at an exciting stage, and the time is right for new innovation to enhance opportunity in the VC space. Floww has created FlowwFunds, a full funds management solution to provide VCs the perfect fund structure so fund managers can focus on what they do best – deploy capital and navigate the markets to find the next rising star.

The mission

VCs spend time, effort and expense setting up, raising and managing their funds, when they could be investing in new deals. VC workflow processes are currently outdated and prohibitive. Most of these processes are conducted through email, static files and data rooms which is incredibly inefficient. VCs spend too much time focusing on admin and compliance, which is restricting the next generation of private market innovation because capital is not being raised and deployed as effectively as it should be. FlowwFunds recognises these issues and offers a service that leverages innovative technology and human expertise to provide a comprehensive, customised fund set-up for VCs. FlowwFunds creates bandwidth for VCs to focus on sourcing deals, and provides fund managers with a fund structure that ensures tax efficiency, fee optimisation and creates increased liquidity for investors.

How FlowwFunds helps with VC fund setup

FlowwFunds works with VCs to create the perfect fund structure, so that funds can carry out successful fundraising and deployment.  This is important because getting fund set-up wrong can have financial and compliance consequences for VCs and investors in the long run. FlowwFunds’ customised approach allows funds to set their own fees so VCs’ investments are secondaries-ready – creating increased liquidity and future fee opportunities.

We complete legal and regulatory AML checks on individuals to meet money laundering and financial crime requirements, keeping the fund and its investors safe. Having different vendors under one roof ensures all workflows are streamlined in one place, enabling fast, frictionless and fully compliant fund management.

The offering is also designed to help VCs manage their investors’ portfolios and generate new revenue and fee opportunities.

A key innovation of FlowwFunds is Floww Certificates – a tradable instrument which creates increased liquidity and is secondaries ready, whilst retaining all the tax benefits available. Funds also have the flexibility to set their own fees when using FlowwFunds.

Staying ahead of the game

Floww is passionate about providing access to capital for early-stage private companies and acknowledges that VCs are integral to this process. Efficient marketplaces often rely on multiple components behaving as they should, and in tandem, so when one component suffers there can be ripple effects.

FlowwFunds’ infrastructure harnesses innovative technology and expert consultants to ensure that VCs stay ahead of the game – ensuring a more resilient and efficient marketplace.

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