A full funds management solution
on a single platform

FlowwFunds simplifies venture capital fund management. Our unified solution removes the friction and fragmentation associated with the private markets.

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Create the perfect fund structure ​

  • Our specialists help structure your fund for ideal tax treatment and cost efficiency ​
  • Customise building your fund: You set the fees, capital calls, deployment and returns​
  • Create increased liquidity – your investments are secondaries ready

Hassle-free fund management​

  • We complete legal and regulatory AML checks on individuals to meet money laundering and financial crime requirements, keeping the fund and its investors safe
  • All workflows streamlined on one place, ensuring fast and frictionless fund management
  • Custody, regulatory reporting, investor reporting, and paying agent services – all on one platform

Grow your fees

  • Generate fees through Floww Certificates – a tradable instrument, which creates increased liquidity with all tax benefits retained​
  • Flexibility to set your fees ​
  • Earn fees by introducing companies to Floww and manage the fundraise on our platform​

FlowwFunds and the future of venture capital
Martijn de Wever

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Streamline your

With FlowwFunds, VCs can streamline complex workflows, eliminating the need to manage multiple, disparate vendors. Conduct transparent, compliant fundraising and investments, all on one intuitive platform.

An end-to-end platform for all your fund needs


Structure. Establish your fund’s goals, investment strategy, and legal structure

Systematically structure how your fund works, programmatically setting the subscription parameters.

Shape the cashflow whether you want to replicate a traditional 10-year fund or a rolling vehicle.

Experience lower operating costs, higher management fees for investors, and a more efficient tax structure compared to a traditional fund setup.


Raise. Raise capital from investors

While you provide the appropriate disclosures, our platform supports you in your financial promotion.

Our back-office team manages KYC/KYBs for investors on your behalf, as well as categorisation and source of funds.

Share confidential information documents with your investors in a private enclosed environment.


Deploy. Allocate raised capital into scaling companies on a single platform

Floww processes inbound deal flow, provides analytics and benchmarking tools, and standardises legals to streamline the legal process of allocating capital.

Make commitments and investor allocations, with frictionless payment processing.

We work with companies to ensure they provide key data, disclosures and documents.


Run. Track and manage your fund’s performance

Our analytics suite is designed to help you analyse your Floww portfolio and drill down to a company level.

Report directly through to your LPs, provide insight on both fund and portfolio company metrics.

Ongoing management and operations of fund reporting, and resources available for tax purposes.


Repeat. Adapt to changing environments and client demands

Adjust your investments according to your clients’ risk appetite, liquidity needs, and appetite for further growth.

Create new fund structures, raises and deployments for your next scaling investment.


Grow. Grow your revenue

Generate fees through secondaries.

Flexibility to set your fees.

Earn fees by introducing issuers to Floww and manage the fundraise on the platform.


Expert support

Our expert team specialises in supporting fund structuring, ensuring tax efficiency, optimising fees, and unlocking liquidity for investors through secondaries

Floww App

Enhance your 
investor experience

Our app allows fund managers to engage with their investors in all aspects of their investing. Investors can access new investment opportunities, track the performance of their investments and receive regular, tailored push notifications, and more – all from their smartphone.


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