15 Mar 2022

Floww announces a strategic partnership with London Stock Exchange

Floww is honoured to announce today a long-term strategic partnership with London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

Floww complements LSEG’s strategy of modernising the capital markets and building its presence in the private space. The partnership with Floww will broaden LSEG’s network of private companies and investors and facilitate private primary capital raising and liquidity.

In addition to the strategic collaboration, LSEG has made a strategic investment in Floww, and Julia Hoggett – Chief Executive Officer of the London Stock Exchange, will join Floww’s Board of Directors as a Non-Executive Director.

Floww’s growing global digital platform already features 7,000 company profiles and over 70 venture capital firms, granting ambitious companies access to capital while providing greater opportunities for investors.  The platform is built on a foundation of “from-the-source data” and smart tooling, allowing investors to identify, share and manage opportunities and investments easily.

LSEG and Floww will work together to launch Floww’s private primary capital raising facility and explore liquidity and secondary market options, including through distributed ledger technology.


Murray Roos, Group Head, Capital Markets, LSEG said:

“We are excited to partner with Floww and its growing network of private companies. We are continuing to support the digitisation of the capital markets and the next stage of this is connecting investors with the potential unicorns of tomorrow.  Through Floww, investors can view their private portfolios in real time and identify new opportunities.”

“By working together, we can support the widest range of companies through their funding lifecycle including helping them transition from private to public markets.  Our ambition is to be the first global exchange group that is genuinely indifferent as to whether a company is public or private, and Floww is another step in this journey.”

LSEG is championing entrepreneurship and the innovation community to create a new future for the global private market.  Floww’s network of companies and investors lays the foundation for a dynamic system that seamlessly interacts with the public markets.

Martijn de Wever, Floww CEO said:

“Floww is honoured to partner with London Stock Exchange Group – the private asset market is growing rapidly to over £6tn but traditional infrastructure fails to keep up. Floww and LSEG are connecting the private market with transactions and data. Our platform provides global access to capital for entrepreneurs and greater opportunities for investors based on merit and accurate data.”

Trust and reliable data form the foundation for a liquid market. We are the only party in the market with accountant-verified data and the ability for players to control who has access to what data. In private markets, where information is sensitive and trust is everything, controlling who can see your data is key.
Martijn de Wever, Floww CEO

“With LSEG, we are on course to build a connected network for all market players to share and manage their data, deals and opportunities, laying the foundation for investors to trade shares in companies at any stage.”