18 Mar 2022

Floww Guides – Every Step of the Way


Starting a business is one of the most rewarding and exciting career moves you can make. Of course, it can be intimidating too, but we’re here to help all entrepreneurs.

Crossing the t’s, Dotting the i’s.

A new business requires you to master new skills and face unexpected challenges. At the very least, founders need to get to grips with the legal and regulatory challenges associated with the founding and running a company, assemble an effective team, prepare an engaging pitch, and present that pitch to the right people.


Preparation is Key

The 5 P’s – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

New founders need to plan, but to plan effectively that they need access to clear and concise information.

Floww’s mission is to connect great start-ups with venture capital. The new series of Floww Guides will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the information they need to get their ideas off the ground and find their ideal funding partners.

Floww Guides will be covering the basics. How do you set up a company? How can you start fundraising effectively? But it will be covering more technical questions too. How should value your company and how can you defend those valuations to investors? What are the EIS/SEIS Tax Schemes and how do they benefit entrepreneurs? You can find all of our Floww Guides below.

The Floww team will continue to develop and update new & existing content for our platform users, leveraging our experience in the venture capital space and collaborating with experts. This will enable entrepreneurs to address the challenges startup companies face in the ever-evolving world of business

In the new future, the Floww Guides series will tackle the best way to market your new business, offer an introduction to best accounting practices, and dig into the world of effective design.




Our Getting Started Guides: 

  1. Setting up a Company – 101
  2. Creating a Clear & Solid Business Story
  3. How to Build Impactful Funding Relationships
  4. Setting and Defending Your Valuation
  5. Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck
  6. Understanding Cap Tables
  7. How to Use EIS/SEIS Tax Schemes




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