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Floww streamlines the fundraising journey for ambitious founders. We are launching in the US soon* and are looking for exciting companies to join our inaugural fundraise program. 

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Floww is building the financial infrastructure to power growth and innovation for scaling companies, funds, innovation centres and financial institutions. Floww empowers founders to build, launch, and effortlessly manage their fundraise. All on one platform.

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Fundraising on Floww

Streamlined fundraising 
& investor management

Floww provides technology and dedicated expertise to empower your fundraise journey

  • Dedicated fundraise manager and access to deal team
  • A single platform to manage your fundraise end-to-end
  • Your docs and data in one place within a secure data room with embedded NDA’s
  • Tier-1 deal legals and future liquidity structure
grid of floww us fundraising program
grid of floww us fundraising program

Floww’s cohort fundraise program

After successfully supporting numerous founders with crucial fundraising resources, we’re now exclusively launching our program for the greater Miami area. Though application deadline submission, our team will screen and select the 10 most innovative and commercially scalable startups for a 12 week cohort fundraising program.

What can I expect from the program?

During the program, you get exclusive access to:

Tailored support and advice

Personalized guidance, including pitch advice, from a dedicated fundraise manager and seasoned venture capitalists to navigate the fundraising process with ease

Fundraise technology

Cutting-edge fundraising platform equipped with advanced tools and features

Access to a team of professionals

Access to industry experts such as Accountants, Content writers, Designers, Due Diligence Specialists, Marketers and Legal advisors

Deal legals support

Expert legal guidance and deal legals throughout the negotiation and documentation process to ensure compliance and mitigate risk

Events, workshops, investor showcase

Access to curated events, workshops, and investor showcases to network and showcase your business


Future liquidity structure

Strategic structuring for future liquidity events for your company and your investors


Our 12 week program to accelerate your fundraise


Prepare. Setup your profile, data room and investor lists and get ready to raise (Week 1-4)

Build your data room
Set your valuation
Polish your pitch
Create your legals
Establish your fundraise strategy
Refine your target list

– Valuation workshops
– Financial modelling workshop
– Pitch practice
– Legal building


Launch. Launch your fundraise and build momentum. (Week 5-6)

Stack your orderbook
Launch your marketing campaign
Onboard your investors
Build momentum
Test your valuation

– Tailored objection handling
– Pitch finesse
– Investor onboarding support 
from our dedicated team


Raise. Track and manage your fundraise. (Week 6-12)

Tailored Investor event program
Gather commitments
Engage and track investors
Demo Day

– Weekly tactics & advice sessions
– Negotiation support


Close. Close your fundraise, allocate shares and gather payments

Allocate Investors
Gather payments
Co-ordination of legal document signing and share issuance
Reg D filing support

– Dedicated execution team
– Closing advice and support

Frequently asked questions

Where is the program located?

The program is predominantly virtual, tapping into Floww’s global team, with several in-person activities.

These in-person activities include:

• Founder events
• Roundtables
• Investor showcases
• Visits to Floww’s Miami office

When will the program take place?

Join the 2024 waitlist now, we will provide you updates and further details: Join the waitlist


How long will the program last?

The program covers four key stages and will run for a total of 12 weeks where we expect our cohorts to be part of the entire curriculum. If you are unable to commit for the complete duration, your participation will be dropped and no further support will be provided.


Who can join the program?

We will be accepting applications from companies that meet the following criteria:

• You are an ambitious and high-growth tech founder
• You have a scalable business idea
• Your company is registered in the state of Florida
• You are raising a priced Seed, Series A or B venture capital round
• You have successfully raised funds before
• You are raising at least USD 500K
• You have a remaining runway of at least 6 months

We will be accepting applications from founders and co-founders only. Applicants can bring additional team member onto the program who must be either a co-founder or at C-level status.


Ready to start fundraising?

Join our waitlist to hear more about our Fundraise Program. You will be contacted when we open our application process.

About Floww

Floww empowers founders to build, launch, and effortlessly manage their fundraising on our all-in-one platform. Floww, in partnership with the London Stock Exchange, is an end-to-end financial infrastructure for the private markets, streamlining fundraising time and costs for companies by providing legal and financial analysis support, data rooms, AI profile builder tool, investor reporting and CRM, and advance assurance services.

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LSEG is a strategic partner of Floww, collaborating on our vision for seamless access to capital and liquidity for innovators around the world.

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