2 Aug 2021

Floww Guides: Analyzing and Tracking Investments

Floww's analysis page for investments.

Floww provides a platform for Venture Capitals to not only discover Startups but also manage all parts of the deal and their investment portfolio in one place.

Through the Analysis Page on the Floww platform, VCs get access to all the data and metrics on their investments, and can effectively analyze and manage their entire portfolio.

Here VCs can visualize all the data on each Startup, whether it be a P&L, Valuation or Cash Flow, and with organized data in one place, identify patterns in investments and create strategies to move forward. Whether it be discovering key patterns in successful investments, or trying to understand what went awry with a past investment, VCs can utilize these patterns in a much more effective manner.

There is also the option to filter and analyze investment based on non-financial metrics such as ESG, Diversity and Team data to better understand the startup, and factors that may be of value to VCs and Investors.

On the Analysis page, Floww gives VCs the option to compare investments directly and up close.

Steps for comparing Investments

  1. Open the Analysis Page from the main menu
  2. At the bottom of the page, under the circles you will see a button labelled Select Companies. Click this
  3. Click on one of the companies you wish to compare. Once the hand icon comes up, drag this company to the bar at the bottom of your screen
  4. Repeat this step until you have dragged all the companies you wish to compare
  5. Once you have all the companies you wish to compare, hit the Compare button at the bottom right of the screen
  6. You will now be able to compare the investments and can filter and visualize the data based on multiple KPIs
Drag companies into the bottom bar to directly compare investments.

Drag companies into the bottom bar to directly compare investments.

This allows for a clear representation of data from Startups that you have made investments in, allowing for efficient portfolio management.

To get a deeper dive into a startups performance, exit out of the compare mode by clicking the Clear All button at the bottom right, and then clicking on a circle that represents an individual Startup. Here, they can see a company profile, as well as all the startups KPIs and performance.

VCs can visualize data in different formats.

VCs can visualize data in different formats.

VCs can view Investments on the Analysis page in different forms. The interactive circle display allows VCs to fully visualize and interact with their investments, but there are options to view data in charts or table formats and VCs can switch between these by using the icons in the bottom left corner of the Analysis Page.

The Analysis Page on Floww gives VCs an opportunity to manage their portfolio on one platform, with accurate KPIs and benchmarks to identify patterns and grow their portfolio. VCs can view their entire portfolio, as well as a shift to the Due Diligence tab on this page to see investments grouped by different stages from Screening to Offered.

Moreover, Floww makes investor reporting much more simple, as with a complete investment portfolio on the platform, it’s able to take care of admin and reporting features for VCs, with constant updates and real-time data. VCs can now also complete much more efficient investor reporting. With automatic updates about your investments and startups performance, VCs can quickly and easily share performance and their portfolio with investors.

Are you a VC looking to accelerate deal flow and manage your portfolio in one place? With access to a plethora of Startup data, accelerate your deal flow and completely true and thorough due diligence on one platform. See how Floww can help here.

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