4 Jul 2021

5 Startup Problems Floww Can Solve

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Starting a business can feel like entering a minefield. And let’s be honest it probably is.

Startups across all industries face common hurdles to jump over. The biggest and most universal is the never-ending quest for funding. Even if you have that million-dollar idea, it’s going to take to a lot of convincing to get an investor or venture capitalist to part with their funds.

The reason is that investors and VCs just don’t know how accurate your forecasts are. But Floww is working to make fundraising a fairer, faster and more objectively trustworthy process.

Here are 5 startup challenges Floww is solving through its data-driven approach.

I want more Investor Connections 

You might have years of industry experience, you might be fresh out of university. Either way, it’s not uncommon for founders to have few natural connections to investment opportunities. Venture capital has been previously been dubbed as an “old boys club” and if you are not in the club, fundraising efforts can look bleak. Traditionally, certain parties have benefitted a lot more than others. Quite shockingly 99% of capital goes to white males, leaving the possibility that many ingenious ideas may be going unheard because of immutable characteristics.

On Floww any founder can sign up for free and get access to a network of over 500 VCs and Investors. You’re able to see their previous ventures, sectors of interest, size of investments and so much more. Founders can find funding partners all through a free sign-up process no matter what stage of funding they are in. Floww works for early-stage startups through to businesses closing multi-million dollar deals.

Looking for more? Floww Pro enables you to connect with an unlimited number of VCs on the platform allowing you to maximise the chances of securing those all-important funding dollars.

My Brand Exposure could use a Boost

Marketing is not an exact science and so it can easily take a village to create the right level of brand exposure to reel prospective investors in. Floww allows investors to find you through our discovery channels, enabling you to reach your target fundraising audience in a simple and cost-effective way.

Take advantage of our platform by creating a fully customisable company profile. You can share the ins and outs of your company with investors by including images, written descriptions, video content, website links and even uploading specific files which showcase your company. Upgrade your image for an eager audience.

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Startup Stress. Image via Medium.

I want Data that Sells My Business

You can be the best salesperson in the world but if you don’t have any cold hard stats to back your pitch up, investors see you as a mere heightened risk.

But not everyone is a data scientist. That’s why at Floww, we do the heavy lifting for you. Our team of data wizards will analyse any data you’ve uploaded to the platform from balance sheets to cap tables and offer free advice to resolve common errors or mistakes in the data you provide us. Even more valuable, though, is our extensive selection of template documents available for you to use for free. Our templates optimise data visualisations making interpreting data stress-free for investors.

I need all the Intel on My Competition

Using raw data exclusively uploaded to the platform, Floww generates accurate estimates of sector-specific performance metrics which you can utilise in your investor conversations. You can benchmark how your company is doing relative to the average for that sector. For example, you can be proud that your monthly turnover is 30% above average for a startup of your size in your industry. Data goes so much further when it’s contextualised. 

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Startup Presentation Meeting. Imagine via Unsplash by Leon.

Let’s Revamp My Investor Reports

Hooray, you’ve secured investment! Now begins the work. Spending investment money requires a lot of planning and a lot of reporting. While we can’t plan your spending strategy for you, we can make investor reporting as easy as ABC. By centralising your performance data on Floww you can easily share a link to your beautifully templated data samples to VCs and Investors. What’s more, you can selectively choose which investors see what data and easily reveal different levels of transparency.

Let’s get social: with FlowwConnect you can engage with your angel investors and share those all-important performance updates in social media-inspired infrastructure. Investor reporting has never been so easy.

Ready to find your next funding opportunity? Sign up to the Floww platform now for free.

Header Image: Startup Stress. Image via Medium.