Floww Feature Update: New Interface Main Hero
Floww Feature Update: New Interface Main Hero
17 Feb 2022

Floww Feature Update: New Interface, Sharing & Filters

We’ve launched our latest feature update on the Floww Connect platform, and we’re super excited for our users to log in and explore.

From a completely redesigned homepage to a new and exclusive feature that gives you the power to connect and share the exact data you want with potential investors. You can also easily add your current investors to the platform to keep them updated on your progress. There are also a ton of bug fixes, user journey improvements for a smoother, more intuitive experience.

Login! to check out what’s new and improved, based on your feedback.


One View to Rule Them All

Building a network for investor outreach is crucial. It ensures you can engage the right parties, create momentum for your deal, and win. Leverage Floww’s ecosystem of venture capitalists and investors to connect, share your best data and metrics, and create a compelling funding story.

We know that investors love to hear from you, learn and go on your company’s journey before they move forward. Floww has made it so you can now share your deck and KPIs before you open the funding round, to start building relationships with investors before you need the cash. We have guidance cards for you all along with the user experience, so you have all the help you need to build out your company profile, create an investor network, and succeed.


Share Perfection.

We have made it simple to decide what of your company data you want to share when you are reaching out and engaging VCs and angels. Retain total control of your data and decide who sees what, so you remain ahead of the game. You can now create a group of ‘Favourite KPIs’ – choosing the ones that showcase your business or startup best.

If you want even more details shared, <ask us> to upload Bespoke KPIs for your company, so you can demonstrate what success means to you, milestone by milestone. Pick and choose which information you would like to share with each investor. We give you the ability to share any and all of the following with the right investors for you:

  • Your Company Profile
  • Your Investor Deck File
  • Your Financial Model File
  • Your Cap Table
  • KPIs Bespoke to Your Company

Powerful Search & Filter.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding, we want to make it easy for you. We know how important it is to find investors who match your sector, stage, location and funding needs. Once you’re logged in, there’s a new command bar helping you search for investors who are in your location, and who actively invest in companies like yours.

Learn more about venture capital firms and investors who can help you reach the next stage for your business. You can browse ‘suggested’ funding partners to find the right money, for you and your team.

With Floww’s new entrepreneur interface going live this week, it has never been easier to upload your company profile, tell your story your way, and connect with a network of VCs and angels to take you to the next stage of your company journey. Get started to win.


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