2 Mar 2023

FlowwMarkets receives FCA authorisation

Good news: Floww Markets Limited (FlowwMarkets) is Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised and regulated!


What does this mean?​

In short, it means we can get the ball rolling. We’ve now launched FlowwMarkets, streamlining the investment process for private market investors, funding partners and high-growth startups.

FlowwMarkets allows UK companies to raise capital faster, more easily and cost-effectively than ever before, while future-proofing themselves for their journeys towards unicorn status and beyond.


A message from our Founder:​​

“Floww exists to enable the seamless movement of private investment capital from those who have it, to those who need it.”

“The recent news of our authorisation is good news for UK businesses and the wider economy. It will allow talent and the UK’s fast growth companies to flourish by opening the door to the professional investment universe, from eligible individuals to large-scale institutions.”

-Martijn de Wever, CEO and Founder of Floww


​​If you know any UK companies looking to fundraise, and you’d like to learn more about how Floww can support them on their journey, get in touch here: fundraise@floww.io