4 Mar 2024

Data security and the Floww data room: Keeping the private markets private

Data room for fundraising on Floww

The private markets want to stay private. As a core differentiator from the public space, it’s arguably the private markets’ biggest asset. 

As such, data security matters. How their data is shared, and with whom, matters to companies throughout their different stages of growth and fundraising. Commercial sensitivities and intellectual property, especially for high growth, innovative businesses are crucial to preserve and protect. 

It matters for investors and venture capital fund managers, who want to maintain the privacy of their portfolios and the integrity of their networks. 

And it matters to investment banks and advisers, for whom managing deal flow and introducing investor networks to new opportunities is a lifeblood. This is where transactions are forged; trust and security are paramount. 

This is why the balance of transparency and control to build trust is the founding principle of Floww. Our private market infrastructure enables the different types of participants (including companies, intermediaries, investors or clusters) of the platform keep their own private ecosystem, with complete control over how visible the data is within that ecosystem. 

Data sharing through the Floww data room for startups

Floww data room technology

Our patented Walled Garden Technology is our data sharing architecture that underpins Floww’s innovative data room technology, which allows you to securely manage and present your story, create individual data rooms for different groups of investors, share KPIs and updates, and monitor engagement.

More broadly, everyone on the platform, whether they’re providing funding or seeking it, has absolute, granular control over the data they share, who they share it with – whether that’s an investor they’ve invited to use Floww, or a founder or funding partner they wish to engage with – and have the ability to permit or revoke those permissions whenever they like. This might include sharing of performance updates, investor decks, company KPIs and legal documents. 

Financial analyst support for raising founders

This seamless data processing engine then combines with human ingenuity. This is in stark contrast to typical private company and transactions data gathering we see in the market (which typically involves scraping the internet for info). Floww’s team of qualified financial analysts review the information provided to ensure quality and consistency across datasets. This is done in close collaboration with the company as may be needed. Embedded NDAs and warranties provide all users with confidence and control, allowing them to add to their data and continue sharing within their private ecosystem in real time. 

This is how we maintain the core value of the private markets, while at the same time solving its fundamental issue of fragmentation – a challenge of the private markets as opposed to, say, a stock exchange is that they can become a vast marketplace of disconnected players. 

Governance structure 

Our unique product and tech solution is further underpinned by our governance structure which ensures appropriate separate of duties around transactions, investor access and fund management solutions. The regulatory and compliance guardrails we have in place ensure that our clients can have complete trust that data cannot be shared or exchanged without proper permissions and only for the intended use. 

Powering innovation 

The private markets can be fraught with unnecessary friction – they’re typically a slow, administration-heavy, fragmented ecosystem of multiple players. As a result, entrepreneurs with great ideas and innovation are starved of capital. Our patented data technology, combined with human ingenuity and governance structure, is the cornerstone of a strategy based around trust, transparency, and control. The net result of all this is that we’re able to provide the infrastructure that a capital market needs to operate in a frictionless manner, powering innovation while keeping the private space private. 

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