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VC Data Processing
29 Apr 2022

VC Data Processing by Floww

We Are Your Back Office

Start scaling your business today with VC data processing.

As a Venture Capitalist, you probably get thousands of documents ranging from pitch decks, monthly management accounts, historic financials, models and forecasts. These files are shared through all kinds of channels (E-mail, Chat, WhatsApp) and in different formats (xls, pdf, word) – it’s hard to keep track. Flagging ones of interest and dismissing ones that aren’t. Finding the right documents on your server or sharing them easily with your colleagues and stakeholders.

It’s time for a change! Simply forward those emailed pitches to and our in-house data team will then transform that information into company profiles – which only you will have access to – with all of the information contained within the company’s pitch. All laid out in a simplified, easy-to-follow format!

No more trawling through Outlook or your smartphone, we’ll do all the hard work for you.

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Data Processing by Floww

How Floww’s data processing works:

  1. Forward any emails containing presentation decks, word docs and spreadsheets to
  2. Our in-house data processing team will organise your inbound deal flow and create profiles for each company within 24 hours.
  3. Login to the Floww VC platform to see all your deals in one central location.

Where is my data processed?

All the data you upload to our platform is processed by our in-house data team.

Is my data secure?

We are also an ISO accredited company, which means that 100% of the data uploaded is secure and encrypted to ensure maximum security.

Who can see the data I upload?

You have full control and visibility over your data, which means only you can see the deals you upload to the platform.


For more information on how our Data Processing works, book a demo using the link below.

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