11 Apr 2024

The Lighthouse Club: a premier health and wellness sanctuary for London’s creative elites

The Lighthouse Club members’ club

The UK’s creative scene, with its constant flurry of activity, is a diverse and vibrant ecosystem that is home to over 16,000 film and video production companies, along with a myriad of post-production houses [1]. However, the film and creative industries are notorious for highpressure lifestyles and personal burnout [2]. The Lighthouse Club seeks to be an innovative members’ club that will provide an unparalleled environment by bringing wellbeing into a setting where members can see firsthand how forming healthy habits can be the foundation that allows them to progress in their fields. The company aims to be the foremost health and wellness brand and community serving the creative industries by bringing a new way of working, training and socialising to London’s creative scene. 

Industry overview and challenges 

From small independent studios to large multinational corporations, the UK is home to a vast number of film and video production companies. The UK film and TV sector sees constant investments and expansion with generous tax incentives to encourage more business. In 2024, the UK government announced a 40% corporate tax relief for film and TV studios through 2034 [3]. In addition, the UK film tax relief scheme allows companies to claim up to 25% of their budget as a payable cash rebate. This trend is set to continue with the chancellor’s recent budget announcing the UK independent film tax credit designed to boost the production of UK independent films and support UK talent in cinema [4].  

The total amount spent on film production in the UK in 2022 was £1.9bn [5]. Furthermore, in 2022, the UK led Europe as the premier entertainment and media market, netting £97bn in revenue [5]. However, London’s creative elite need a space that affords them the freedom to focus on themselves without constantly keeping up appearances. 

Traditional members’ clubs have long been a stalwart of London’s creative culture, giving their exclusive clients a hang-out spot in the heart of the city’s bustling social scene. However, the expansion of the SOHO House and the influx of a broader membership has seen the attraction of this institution diminish from its founding membership group. In addition, the lifestyle of partying and decadence that was once associated with the creative industry is slowly being replaced with a collective desire to focus on personal wellbeing, a global trend that is being mirrored in other industries. The American Psychological Association conducted a survey in 2022 on work and wellbeing, which confirmed that employee expectations related to mental health support are shifting. Notably, 71% of workers reported that they believe their employers are more concerned about employees’ mental health than in the past [6]. In addition, 68% of senior HR leaders rate employee wellbeing and mental health as top priorities [7]. 

Co-founders George Ashwell, David Hastie and Josh Betteridge met as university students at in 2008 and have been active in the health and wellness industry ever since. Their first company Before The Lights began as a B2B service, providing training and physical therapy directly to film companies. It provided cast training services to the productions including Wicked the movie, Bridgerton, House of the Dragon and Lazarus Project. Before The Lights grew into a small personal training studio which the company claims has become the favoured training destination for many of London’s actors, musicians and creative directors. This led to the conception of The Lighthouse Club.

The Lighthouse Club membership

Introducing The Lighthouse Club

The Lighthouse Club has firmly established itself as the leading team of health and fitness experts for London’s creative community. Its flagship location will be a one-of-a-kind space where health and creativity come together to benefit members. 

According to the company, Lighthouse has worked with prominent actors, musicians and creative directors in the UK. Members include actor Nicholas Hoult, musician and actor Jacob Anderson and writer and director Sam Freeman. Many of their clients are seeking to make a change to their physical and mental wellbeing. The Lighthouse Club provides the perfect home away from home. The company believes it presents a unique opportunity to build a UK-based wellness brand from its existing loyal client base. 

How does The Lighthouse Club work?

The Lighthouse Club will offer facilities that are beneficial to the health and wellbeing of London’s elite creatives. According to the company, the interior of the centre has a relaxing and natural design. It will feature a lounge for the members to relax, and a fully furnished kitchen that offers food and drink. Members looking to arrange meetings can use the club’s meeting room, and the open workspace to brainstorm ideas and to work on creative pursuits. In addition, the company offers an office space for business purposes, such as meetings and presentations.  

To ensure that the company can accommodate every creative urge, The Lighthouse Club offers a state-of-the-art recording studio where musicians and sound engineers can record, produce and collaborate. Members can also use the open gym to work out, where they will have access to personal trainers. The wellness portion of The Lighthouse Club offers an ice bath, a sauna, and health treatments. 


The founders' story

Josh Betteridge
Josh Betteridge
George Ashwell
George Ashwell
David Hastie
David Hastie

Josh has over a decade of experience in health, fitness and exercise rehabilitation with his Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation degree. He has worked for professional football and cricket teams prior to consulting for film, tv and the high-end fashion industry. 

Co-founder George has 12 years of experience as a senior performance coach and therapist. During this time, he gained multiple film credits, establishing himself as a prominent figure in consultation for film. George holds a degree in sports therapy and rehabilitation. 

David has 14 years of experience working in the health and fitness industry. In addition, he has worked in the Melbourne and London film and television industries. During this time, he also represented Great Britain playing football. 

The next steps 

The Lighthouse Club has chosen to use Floww’s innovative infrastructure to facilitate their next funding round and help them achieve their future goals. Funds raised, together with revenue from pre-sold memberships, will be allocated to fit out the planned Fitzrovia venue and cover year one overheads. The company is also in talks to secure its second location in the 36 Battersea Square project. 

The Lighthouse Club aims to develop partnerships with like-minded brands in other fields, including media, wellness, clothing and beauty. The company has also been invited to launch its brand at The Gleneagles Hotel and Resort.  

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