SuperFi founders create app to help solve UK’s debt problem

SuperFi is ready to make a real difference in the lives of those struggling with debt, aiming to save users over £100 million in interest fees in the next five years. The app provides personalised, preventative debt support to help people achieve debt freedom faster.

The UK is currently facing a cost-of-living crisis, with 45% of adults (or 23 million people) struggling to repay their monthly bills and credit commitments. Aside from the devastating damage this does to individuals, it also costs businesses over £100 billion annually in lost productivity and customer debt write-offs.


SuperFi co-founders Tom Barltrop and Nick Spiller recognised the terrible effects of debt on their close friends. They realised that problem debt has far-reaching consequences, including mental health issues, high social costs, and significant economic impact, and they were motivated to help. The duo created SuperFi to tackle this growing problem head-on, providing early detection and prevention of unmanageable debt.

SuperFi is here to help those struggling with debt

From helping people to optimise their debt repayments, to refinancing, to even claiming government benefits that they are entitled to - SuperFi can help anyone reduce their debts, no matter how big or small they may be.

What does SuperFi do?

SuperFi is the first platform focused on solving the UK’s debt problem by providing personalised debt support alongside a comprehensive range of integrated debt reduction tools and services, all accessible via an easy-to-use app. The app empowers customers with the tools they need to understand, manage and reduce their debts.

The scale of the UK’s debt problem has led to SuperFi receiving interest from a wide range of industries. They’re poised to take advantage of this interest to scale quickly and provide support to the those who are in urgent need of help. 

Who are SuperFi hoping to help?

According to BBC research, people in the UK are experiencing the worst fall in living standards since records began. With a bleak economic outlook, millions are now at risk of falling into problem debt, with limited support available.

The head of Lloyds Bank, Charlie Nunn, reported to the BBC that 80% of individuals and UK customers and families have less than £500 worth of savings in their current account and their savings account. When compared to 2023 statistics, the Big Issue reports that the average family is expected to be £2,100 worse off in 2024 than in 2023. They will also see a 7% drop in their income over the next two years. This has led to a surge in borrowing at record rates, at a time when interest rates are also at record highs.

As a result, 45% of all UK adults are already struggling to keep up with their bills and credit commitments, according to a survey by YouGov for the StepChange Debt Charity. This situation is only expected to get worse, presenting a huge social challenge which must be addressed — and fast.

In addition, there are 18 million people who are already facing financial difficulties but have not yet fallen into arrears. They are due to pay over £20bn in interest fees in 2023, a statistic that highlights the magnitude of this problem.

SuperFi combines proactive debt support alongside a comprehensive range of innovative debt solutions in an easy-to-use mobile app. In this unique manner, it aims to help people in the UK make better decisions about their finances.

What SuperFi does for their customers

The SuperFi app enables people to connect and view all of their debts in one place for the first time. This helps users to understand and proactively manage their repayments.

SuperFi then analyses their financial and personal circumstances, providing them with the knowledge to help them understand which tools and services are the most suited to their specific needs. Customers can access these recommended solutions from within the SuperFi app.

From helping people to optimise their debt repayments, to refinancing, to even claiming government benefits that they’re entitled to, SuperFi aims to help anyone reduce their debts, no matter how big or small they may be.

SuperFi will also continue to monitor finances for ‘problem debt’, immediately sign-posting issues to specialist support as it arises.

Meet the Founders

Tom Barltrop
Nick Spiller

Tom Barltrop (CEO) and Nick Spiller (CTO) bonded over their shared experience of seeing close friends struggling with debt. They knew they had the skills to help solve this problem – and SuperFi was born!

Tom embarked on his startup career as an early employee at Groupon UK. He was responsible for launching and managing regions across the UK and Latin America during its record-breaking ascent to become the fastest growing company in history. In the summer of 2021, Tom joined a VC-backed accelerator programme, which is where he met Nick.

Nick started his entrepreneurial journey at student bank account startup, Loot. He has dedicated his career to designing and building products for the financially vulnerable. Nick founded Chipshop Design, a web and app design consultancy, and in 2020 he joined Silicon Valley unicorn Xapo as Global Head of Product Design. Here he helped families in developing countries protect their savings from hyperinflation through stablecoin. Nick also co-founded Kwiktrust, a digital e-signature platform which stores contracts on the blockchain, and QuickTest, a user-testing platform which was acquired privately. His deep knowledge of the fintech landscape coupled with his passion for helping the financially vulnerable helped him discover a gap in the market and led him to leave his job to join a VC-backed accelerator, where he met Tom.

The next steps…

Given the urgency of the problem that SuperFi is addressing, the team has decided to fundraise through *FlowwMarkets. Thanks to its innovative technology and unique founder-friendly platform, fundraising and investor management is streamlined and simplified – a perfect fit for SuperFi.


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