28 Feb 2024

Parcelhero is redefining B2B logistics with Parcelhero Pro

Shipping logistics holds a pivotal role in the success of e-commerce, where positive delivery experiences profoundly influence customer retention. The 2022 Metapack State of eCommerce report reveals a compelling statistic: 87% of customers say they’re likely to return after a positive delivery encounter [1]. Shipping is vitally important in shaping the holistic customer journey, yet within the logistics industry, obstacles such as inefficient processes and elevated costs remain.  

Parcelhero Group, according to internal company research, is the UK’s fastest-growing group of parcel-delivery comparison sites. It comprises three brands that offer consumers and micro-SMEs savings of up to 60% when shipping with couriers like UPS, FedEx, Parcelforce, and DPD. The B2C Parcehero platform allows customers to compare prices on a single dashboard instead of having to manually search multiple websites.  

With over a decade of industry expertise, Parcelhero recognises the challenges of the logistics industry and sees them as catalysts for innovation and enhancement. The company is poised to unveil Parcelhero Pro, a B2B SaaS solution that will leverage Parcelhero’s market experience to optimise and automate complex shipping processes.   

Logistics industry overview and challenges  

Logistics is complex, costly and riddled with inefficiencies which contribute to billions being wasted by retailers and consumers [2]. Fuelled by e-commerce and cross-border trade, the value of the global transportation management systems (TMS) market is expected to triple to $31.2 billion by 2030 [3]. Companies allocate a substantial 5% to a staggering 30% – in the case of Amazon – of revenue to shipping [4]. This significant operational cost accentuates the need for innovative solutions to help drive efficiency.   

Online retailers face significant challenges. They spend too much time having to manually process e-commerce orders, and having to integrate with multiple couriers is both costly and time-consuming, risking them business. These retailers are also having to deal with expensive and inefficient customer support to fix delivery issues and failures. Some retailers may choose to opt for the cheapest couriers to elevate conversion rates at checkout; however, not all retailers are aware of the hidden costs: customers will shop elsewhere.  

Offering customers a poor delivery experience, through inaccurate delivery times and inadequate support channels, can result in customer loss and negatively impact customer lifetime value. This ripple effect on customers, coupled with the ineffective manual processes businesses must contend with, is why addressing these challenges is vital for the evolution of the growing logistics sector. Streamlining processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and optimising business performance are all essential to overcoming the hurdles of the industry. 

Introducing Parcelhero Pro 

Recognising crucial pain points in the logistics industry Roger Sumner-Rivers, the founder of Parcelhero built Parcelhero Pro to tackle common industry challenges by utilising technology to simplify shipping for customers and businesses. His goal is to create technology that can automate, optimise, and streamline the shipping process, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The platform is designed to empower retailers of all sizes by enhancing their shipping operations through an end-to-end solution. 

Parcelhero Pro will look to streamline, manage, and automate every facet of shipping, offering time and cost savings to retailers. Leveraging over seven years of development, the platform aims to be a leading B2B shipping solution globally. Positioned for imminent launch, Parcelhero Pro signifies a strategic expansion into the B2B logistics market, promising transformative benefits for e-commerce businesses. Prioritising user experience, tracking technology, and after-sales management, Parcelhero Pro is poised to capitalise on the growing TMS market. Through a single, seamless integration, it addresses intricate challenges in the logistics industry, allowing businesses to ship in bulk, optimise costs, and fully outsource after-sales customer support. 

How Parcelhero Pro works  

Parcelhero Pro aims to reshape B2B logistics with a focus on providing innovative solutions for streamlined shipping. The platform seamlessly integrates with major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon through API. This integrated approach is designed to create a central hub for efficient order and shipping management, offering businesses of all sizes unparalleled visibility. According to the company, business of all sizes have the opportunity to access visibility and benefits from Parcelhero’s negotiated rates, which have been acquired over the years through commercial partnerships with courier companies such as FedEx, DPD, and EVRi.

One of Parcelhero Pro’s key features is its tracking technology, positioned as a unique and potentially game-changing innovation. This technology aims to enable proactive notifications of potential delays, precise issue identification, and empower recipients to self-serve, saving time and enhancing their overall experience. Parcelhero Pro aims to optimise shipping efficiency by automatically selecting the most cost-effective courier. In just a few clicks, it is aimed to allow users to efficiently book and dispatch orders, while the after-sales management system aims to enable proactive problem-solving throughout the shipment journey.

Operating on a flexible tiered monthly subscription model, Parcelhero Pro aims to accommodate the preferences of businesses, allowing them to use their preferred couriers. Optional add-ons, such as label generation, tracking, and outsourced after-sales support, are intended to cater to the specific needs of SMEs and larger enterprises. Parcelhero Pro’s mission is clear: to offer a holistic and advanced logistics solution, leveraging its expertise to aim for a seamless and efficient shipping experience for businesses.

The founders' story

Roger Sumner-Rivers
founder and managing director

Roger Sumner-Rivers, the founder and managing director of Parcelhero, brings over 25 years of logistics experience to the Parcelhero Group. His journey began as a young delivery man navigating London’s streets, resulting in the founding of Parcelhero. Roger’s dedication to customer satisfaction and using technology to enhance this experience reflects his desire to solve major customer pain points in the logistics industry. 

What’s next for Parcelhero  

Building on its established brand, Parcelhero aims to launch Parcelhero Pro in 2024. The company plans to expand its services to cover air and sea freight by the end of the year, and aims for international expansion, business postage, and same-day delivery by 2025. Parcelhero envisions a future where it remains at the forefront of innovation in the logistics industry, continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations. 

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