Startup Spotlight - NeuCurrent_Hero-Banner_2022
Startup Spotlight - NeuCurrent_Hero-Banner_2022
21 Mar 2022

NeuCurrent – Startup Spotlight


Founded in the Ukraine in 2019, NeuCurrent provides mid-market omnichannel retailers with a one-stop customer engagement and loyalty platform that offers personalisation, communication, and data management solutions. Using AI automation and industry-wide marketing expertise, the company creates targeted recommendations for optimal customer engagement experiences throughout the duration of the customer journey.

Bogdan Shkarupa, the CEO and Co-Founder of NeuCurrent, was gracious enough to give us a glimpse into the company’s journey to date:


NeuCurrent’s Unique Retail Solution

NeuCurrent’s SaaS platform – backed by the team’s collective years of expertise in data-driven marketing – enables retailers to achieve quick, tangible, and specific customer retention and sales outcomes.

Bogdan elaborated, “we are unique because we deliver on what we say. Our motto: ‘Engage, Convert, Repeat: Retain your customer, longer’ is not just a branding gimmick, rather it is a mantra that we live and breathe daily.” Bogdan went on to say “the key, I believe, is our passion for what we do and the changes we see because of what we do. From the first data integration to implementing the ideal customer engagement strategy, we are guided by that simple motto.”

Climbing up the Ladder of Success

NeuCurrent’s bold nature was behind the creation of their MVP in 2019. Without any external funding, their pilot was so impressive that it led to an investment opportunity for further development of the prototype, as well as the onboarding of their first client.

Over the next two years, the startup was accepted into several accelerator programmes. However, 2021 was the year when NeuCurrent really broke out. Throughout the course of 2021, the communication model was launched, and their flagship product – Customer Retention as a Service – was very well received, leading to a four-fold increase in revenue. This success led to the expansion of the team, as the company also welcomed in four additional corporate clients. These clients, well-known and well-established, were impactful due to their industry influencer status. After a productive year, NeuCurrent was delighted to enter 2022 with their client churn rate remaining at an astonishing “0” – where it has been since the company’s inception.

Sneak Peek into NeuCurrent’s Future

NeuCurrent is fast becoming the company of choice for mid-sized retailers in Europe. After their first full year in business, it was clear that the NeuCurrent platform was a recognisable, competitive player in the European market, and on a trajectory to further success.

Says Bogdan, “we envision big growth for NeuCurrent this year, and can boldly add that we expect to have an additional 20 – 25 European clients by the end of 2022. We plan to become a company of choice for mid-sized European retailers to engage and retain their customers through all channels. We want to be a household name in terms of the quality of workmanship and the level of service excellence.”

Why NeuCurrent Chose Floww

Bogdan noted there are several reasons he’s become an active user of the Floww platform:

“Everything is in one place, plus access to the very extensive VC network is phenomenal. It is exciting to have the opportunity to present NeuCurrent to them, along with the great guidance from the Floww team.”
Bogdan - NeuCurrent

He added, “I find the usability remarkably easy; I’ve had no trouble whatsoever. When I sent a request to have NeuCurrent onboarded to the Floww platform, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The teams working on my profile were very professional and kept me informed of progress and advised me once my profile was available for viewing and connecting with potential investors.”

Bogdan went on to elaborate, “I had initially noticed one or two minor aspects of NeuCurrent’s profile on Floww that I wanted tweaked and enquired with a Customer Success Manager regarding this. In less than 10 minutes I had a team of Content and Data professionals at my attention as though I was the most important startup on the platform. The level of service blew me away.”


The War in Ukraine Will Not Stop Them!

Despite the invasion of Ukraine, the effects of which continue to disrupt all daily life and commerce in the country, Ukrainian companies have been trying to keep their businesses running wherever possible, keeping their employees safe and outsourcing operations where necessary.

The tech startup industry in Ukraine has had a humble start compared to its European counterparts in the UK and Germany. Nonetheless, Ukraine has witnessed a thriving startup ecosystem, as of late, with a vast pool of talent and a number of successful Ukrainian startups. However, with the recent pandemic and outbreak of war, the industry has found itself to be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

In terms of long-term impact, startup funding is understandably slowing as a number of foreign investors have temporarily suspended their investments due to the uncertainty of war in the region. “NeuCurrent is no less affected, as our developers are based in the Ukraine,” says Bogdan, “so it’s not so much what challenges have we already successfully overcome, but how well we will overcome where we find ourselves now. We are going through by far our harshest challenge yet, a war in Ukraine. We stay together, support each other, and continue working. We are open for business. We will get through it together.”


Power in Adversity

Bogan is resolute in saying “the sheer determination and boldness that directed NeuCurrent in our journey of success and has brought the company to the point where it is a participant in Floww’s Startup Spotlight Series shines through in both its response and the response of fellow tech startups to the war on Ukraine. From every community and startup ecosystem in Ukraine to our government, we are rallying support for our country and countrymen in the face of adversity. We are using our fear as fuel to push through the tough times.”  This is Bogdan’s advice to other entrepreneurs facing challenges: “Don’t ever give up. Don’t ever give in. Be creative, be honest with yourself and stay strong!”

To help fund humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians affected by the war, please consider donating via the following link