4 Apr 2024

Learn With Lammy uses AI to educate and stimulate children, regardless of their environment.

Learn with Lammy platform supports both parents and nurseries

In today’s economy, ensuring children receive adequate education and information from a young age is difficult. Most households do not have the luxury of a full-time nanny, and nursery and preschool costs are often so high that they are unattainable. Lammy is an AI avatar created by LAMB (Look After My Baby), that will provide educational content for the preschool market. LAMB provides all children with the same access to education – whether in a nursery or home school environment.

Industry overview and challenges 

The preschool market faces issues from the perspective of businesses and parents. Businesses face higher running costs and staff shortages, while parents struggle to finance nursery fees. On average, nursery fees take up a third of a household’s income [1]. Many parents end up staying at home, which means that children miss out on some of the vital skills that they learn when attending a nursery or creche. In addition, many nurseries are having to shut down or reduce spaces for children as their operating costs increase. In the UK, one in four nurseries are expected to close in 2024 due to rising costs [2]. Despite these facts, the global early education market was valued at $258.9bn in 2021 and is expected to reach a value of $581.7bn by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 8.43% during the forecast period [3].

According to LAMB, the number of parents choosing to stay at home and teach their children rather than paying for nursery fees is on the rise. Unfortunately, it is difficult for stay-at-home parents to provide their children with the level of standardised education and skills development offered by nurseries. It is not easy to find information on how – and what – to teach young children, and although there is content available on media platforms that is branded as educational, many of the characters have very little educational content. There is a growing demand in the market for high educational content mixed with a high entertainment value. Stay-at-home parents are looking to provide their children with the same lessons and skills that they would get in a nursery environment.

From their experience as first-time parents, Learn with Lammy founders Claudia and Matthew Hurst identified a gap in the market to support both parents and businesses by combining a loveable character with education. Together, they created the character Lammy. Through Lammy, the company aims to lead the charge in how children can be taught, using new technology such as AI and animation.

Introducing LAMB

LAMB’s solution, Learn with Lammy, provides a free educational platform for nurseries and parents. It can be accessed daily and features video and support materials to aid a child’s development. Lammy is designed to deliver content in a fun way in which kids can relate. The brand was launched on Youtube in September 2023 and has reached over four million views across its social platforms.

The platform is aimed at preschool children, and promotes educational content with its AI avatar, Lammy. It combines education and a series of animated stories, with Lammy as the star, ensuring every child has the same opportunity to learn – whether they are home-schooled or at a nursery.

Using the latest AI technology, Lammy would be the first of his kind in education. By combining fun, interactive learning with social media, added to the already-produced animated Lammy series, the company will ensure that Lammy continues to be a much-loved and popular children’s companion.

How Learn with Lammy Works

The Learn with Lammy platform supports both parents and nurseries. For nurseries, the platform can provide support to staff and additional daily activities and exercises. The AI character, Lammy, will support learning in the home and schools by providing a fun teacher as well as educational supporting material to which everyone can have access. According to the company, Lammy has educational content covering the seven key development stages Learn with Lammy is designed to offer an interactive, educational platform that aids in child development. It combines education with a series of animated lessons, where Lammy teaches children everything from the alphabet to colours.

Along with online content, the platform will provide printable material that children can use to draw and colour as they Learn with Lammy. By using a loveable character, children may relate and interact at their own pace. Parents have peace of mind that their child is learning at the right level for their age group, and being prepared for school, while nurseries have content that they can use to plan lessons.

Lammy is intended to be a gateway to a world of learning for curious minds aged one to four years. The platform uses the latest AI technology to create real-time videos, allowing Lammy to interact individually with each user. When children play, they explore and grasp important concepts naturally. Through music, laughter, and interaction, Lammy creates an environment where learning becomes an inseparable part of having fun.

The founders' story

LAMB founder, Claudia
Claudia Hurst
co-founder and CEO
LAMB founder, Matthew
Matthew Hurst
co-founder and CCO

After graduating with a marketing degree from Northumbria University, Claudia went into the corporate world, working in brand marketing at ASDA for seven years. After meeting her husband Matthew, she moved to Portugal to set up several companies. Their little boy Rocco was born in Portugal, which sparked the idea for Lammy.

Matthew set up his first business at the age of 16, with Birds of Prey, and travelled around the country doing displays at country shows, schools and private events. After five years, he sold this business and qualified to be a football agent. Following this, he went back to his roots and began working with his family business, eventually growing it into Mother Hubbards – a chain of fish and chip restaurants. After meeting his wife Claudia and starting a family with her, he realised the struggles of new parents when it came to early education. The couple decided to address this gap in the market, developing the Learn with Lammy platform.

The next steps 

LAMB has chosen to use Floww’s innovative infrastructure to facilitate their next funding round and help them achieve their future goals. In 2023, the company launched Lammy on YouTube. It drove brand awareness through social media and gained over one million views.

In 2024, LAMB plans to conduct trials in 10 nurseries, launch its product in nurseries, gain 150,000 unique users and 3 million views, and aim to have 1,000 nurseries and 2,000 childminders signed up onto the platform. The company also plans to develop and launch the AI Lammy avatar, gain sponsors and start selling merchandise.

In 2025, the company plans to create a bespoke app for parents, launch its Lammy retail products, and develop a personalised avatar experience. It will expand into the European Union and the United States and grow its retail line.

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