16 Feb 2024

Grub24 is introducing a culinary game-changer for restaurants and customers

Grub24, the B2B2C SaaS food tech company

Hospitality has changed significantly over the years. Statista reports that the fast food and takeaway industry worldwide was estimated to be worth $967.9bn in 2022 [1]. Incidentally, Total Food reports that the post-pandemic world has witnessed an unprecedented surge in kiosk adoption, with projections indicating the market could reach $30.8bn by 2024 [2].  

In the ever-evolving restaurant industry, Grub24 positions itself as a revolutionary solution, empowering restaurants to streamline operations, manage orders effortlessly, and amplify their marketing reach, all while aiming to significantly reduce costs. The company provides restaurants with the tools they may need to reach new heights of customer engagement and brand recognition. 

According to Grub24, kiosks are cost-effective and boost revenue.  Outlets who implemented kiosks reported a 30% increase in customer spending after installing the units [3]. With a valuation of $40.3bn in 2022reach $63bn by 2027 [4]. According to internal company research by Grub24, in 2018, 60% of orders were fulfilled online, and 5% were fulfilled via a self-ordering kiosk, while in 2023, 80% of orders were fulfilled online, and 15% were fulfilled via self-ordering kiosks. In addition, Grub24 has noticed that there is a rise in competition in the online food industry as current offerings do not solve the needs of restaurants and customers.  

With increased competition and options for consumers, restaurants may struggle to manage their operations, process orders, and market their businesses efficiently. The online food-ordering process is flawed, according to Grub24. Customers pay more for food that is more likely to be incorrect, and restaurants pay high commissions to third-party delivery services. Grub24 believes this leaves both parties with little profit. Traditional EPOS (electronic point-of-sale) systems offer limited integration capabilities with online platforms, leading to difficulties in synchronising and managing orders from multiple channels. Restaurants rely on multiple services and platforms to run operations effectively, increasing complexity, costs and the risk of miscommunication or errors. While marketing is the driving force behind any successful restaurant, Grub24 has observed that there is no unified solution for restaurants to manage their operations and marketing. 

Grub24 web and app technology

What does Grub24 do? 

The Grub24 ecosystem aims to help restaurants with an all-in-one solution to streamline operations, process orders seamlessly, and boost marketing efforts, while significantly reducing costs. It allows for point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen management, marketing and growth, delivery hubs, marketplace and order integration, as well as digital ordering, enabling restaurants to orchestrate every aspect of their operations with precision. 

The company allows restaurants to have their own branded websites and apps and integrate into the Grub24 marketplace. It also provides third-party aggregators for kitchens, marketing and management systems, and kiosk and QR-code ordering.  

Its comprehensive marketing tools enable restaurants to create personalised promotions, loyalty programmes, and targeted campaigns that resonate with their audience. 


Why Grub24 is excited... 

With its intuitive interface, Grub24 ensures that every order is processed with lightning speed, minimising customer wait times and enhancing their dining experience. No more lost orders or frustrated guests – Grub24 seeks to put restaurants firmly in control of order fulfilment. 

The company also liberates restaurants from the burden of hefty commissions charged by third-party aggregators. Its marketplace is designed for restaurants to retain more of their hard-earned revenue, allowing them to invest in their growth and customer satisfaction.  This benefit also extends to consumers.  

According to a recent study by consumer organisation Which?, ordering food through popular delivery apps can cost up to 44% more than ordering directly from restaurants [5] and that, on average, using these apps was 23% more expensive [6]. However, Grub24 claims that its marketplace allows consumers to order food at a comparable rate to ordering directly from the restaurant. 

According to Grub24, the company has processed more than 1.2 million orders worth £25m in less than four years of operation. 

Who is Grub24 helping? 

Grub24 was established in London in 2019 and has now expanded to more than 1,000 restaurants across the UK. The company aims to improve the customer experience while also helping restaurants to operate at optimal capacity, all the time.  

Grub24 point-of-sale (POS) and kitchen management

How does Grub24 work? 

Grub24 has developed a framework to make it easier than ever to order food and groceries at great prices. It offers customers a loyalty points system and variable delivery charges, as well as POS systems and kiosks. In addition, restaurant-branded websites and apps allow for the collection and delivery of orders, easy table booking, reviews, and variable delivery charges. Furthermore, all payment methods are supported. 

The company aims to eliminate the hassle of manual data entry and inefficient workflows, streamlining every process from taking orders to tracking inventory. Grub24 seamlessly integrates with third-party aggregators and manages multiple delivery hubs effortlessly. This integration ensures a frictionless experience for both customers and restaurant staff, fostering a unified and efficient delivery ecosystem. 

In addition, Grub24 aims to revolutionise customer experience by enabling kiosk and QR-code ordering. Customers can now place their orders anytime, anywhere, enhancing their dining experience and convenience.

The founders' story

Sam Ghoreishi
founder and CEO

Sam has a notable background in the online food industry with 15 years in food tech. Previously, he held the position of COO at Meal2go, which was acquired by JustEat. In this role, he was responsible for overseeing various aspects of the business, including operations, marketing strategies, finance, human resources, development, team building, and sales. Sam also has 4 years of experience as a full stack developer, with a bachelor’s degree in architectural design technology from the University of Wolverhampton. 

The next steps… 

The company has chosen to use Floww’s innovative infrastructure to facilitate their next funding round and help them achieve their future goals. 

Grub24 aims to capture a significant portion of the UK market before expanding internationally. The company aims to be the main player to provide an all-in-one sales, operations, and marketing platform in the food industry.  

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