3 Oct 2023

Floww Private Markets: Our investor app empowers you on the go

In today’s fast-paced world with growing investment opportunities, the need for streamlined and accessible portfolio management has never been more important. Are you finding it challenging to oversee a multitude of venture capital investments and funds scattered across various platforms? Imagine consolidating your private investments on Floww into one comprehensive platform that allows you to filter them by account, funds, and direct investments. Furthermore, you can gain access to valuation updates and company reports, all within a single and secure framework – the Floww Private Markets investor mobile app

The app has been designed for quick, easy and secure access to your portfolio. It allows you to discover new investment opportunities, including private equity fundraises and funds, and facilitates running transactions. The Floww app simplifies the process of discovery, investment and portfolio management for investors.

Portfolio Reporting

The app offers both an overview and an in-depth analysis of your portfolio. You can view all your Floww investments in private companies and funds, receive updates on valuation changes, and view company information and KPIs. 

The app displays the historical development of your portfolio with interactive charts. You can seamlessly switch between your accounts with different investment partners. It gives you detailed insights into your investments, including value, profit and loss, and return on investment, along with access to reporting from the companies you have direct or fund investments with.  

For New Investments 

For new investment opportunities, our mobile app showcases the latest companies and funds raising on Floww. For eligible investors, the Floww mobile app provides extensive information including access to investor decks, reports, KPIs, details on funding rounds, founder contact information, and much more. 

You can closely track fundraising activities and receive push notifications when milestones are hit or new deals are available. Complete eligibility and verification, and make commitments, ensuring you never miss deals. 

Deal Management and Tracking

The deal management feature on the app is simple, yet effective – it allows you to track fundraises and important developments. Make informed decisions, as well as easily share and connect with fund managers and VCs at your convenience anytime, anywhere.

Data-Driven Decisions 

At Floww, we believe in the power of transparent data to help you make well-informed investment decisions. You can access up-to-date company information that can be analysed through highly dynamic and interactive graphs. This enables you to track and analyse company performance over time, all from your mobile phone.

Download the app today to experience it for yourself.

Floww Markets Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 980098).