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Robust risk framework

Floww provides a centralised compliance experience, including back-office functionality to handle accounting and compliance  activities including AML/KYB/KYC, regulatory and legal processing, and financial promotion sign-off.

Structure your fundraising

Efficient and centralised bookrunning. Organise your fundraising project, including progress tracking, data room building, legal and compliance document handling, transaction, and settlement, all on one platform.

Enable cross-border transactions​

Floww offers an SPV structure, delivering Floww Certificates – a globally tradeable instrument, representing a share of the asset, in the form of a depository receipt that facilitates cross-border transactions.

Engage syndicate partners

Floww provides tools to enable full scope orderbook management and progress tracking, from distribution, to compliance, settlement, and post-transaction reporting. Effortless distribution of investment opportunities whilst protecting your investor networks.

Enhance your investor reporting

Data transparency to enhance investor communications through our easily accessible platform and reporting tools, with full control over data privacy.

Secondary Ready

Floww Certificates are our unique, tradable instrument. Combined with embedded data warranty, NDAs and reporting, the instrument is secondaries-ready and can drive increased liquidity.

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