Real Data, Real Results

VCs and Angels value seeing real data. Providing your startup metrics to funding partners the easy way.

Startup, Entrepreneur, Benchmark, Reliable data, Measure Business Performance

Benchmark Your Data

Know where you stand. Benchmark your startup’s data against others in your industry and beyond.

Floww Platform: Data Checked

Data Checked

Investors love accurate data. We have accountants on hand to check and verify yours, so that you can put your best foot forward before that big meeting.

Floww Platform: Data Templates

A Template for Success

Access high-quality Financial Model, Cap Table, and Investor Deck Templates for free. Present your startup’s data professionally and efficiently.

Floww Platform: Data Control

Choose What You Share
and When

You decide who sees what data, when and how much. Engage investors on your own terms.

Use Real Data to Supercharge Your Startup

Organise all your data in one place and connect with more funding partners.

Startup, Entrepreneur, Reliable Data, KPI, Financial Reports
Startup, Entrepreneur, Reliable Data, KPI, Financial Reports