End to end Deal CRM

From sourcing and screening companies to deploying capital, we can handle all of your needs. Floww helps track and manage the entire deal flow cycle in a single collaborative platform.


Unique Analytics and Data Visualization

We let you freely analyze companies on any metric thinkable. Our intuitive user experience provides millions of viewpoints without ever feeling complex.


Data Ingest Engine

Simply drag and drop your data and our AI engine and data cleansing team will take care of the rest. Your link to the Global Dealflow Database allows you to receive the latest information on your companies without having to ask for it.

Further Features

Martijn de Wever

Venture Capital Due Diligence processes are cumbersome and difficult to scale. The combination of offline sourcing and human handling of each and every single potential opportunity limits the VC’s capacity significantly. We aim to increase this capacity by 100x.  

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