Startup Spotlight - Filmocrat
Startup Spotlight - Filmocrat
16 May 2022

FilmoCrat – Startup Spotlight


FilmoCrat ™ is a UK and US based startup developing a film equity platform that helps producers, investors, and fans manage recent socio-economic shifts in the sector with blockchain technology. Grinding the DeFi film ventures, FilmoCrat introduces instant copyright and profit-sharing contracts into the film development process – offering studios a new digital business model, direct distribution deals, and a strategy to engage interactive audiences and fans.


Behind the Curtain and Code

FilmoCrat’s cast and crew combine unique skills that allow them to see new consumer patterns and understand the reasons behind them. Being in the right place and applying new tech, such as blockchain ledgers to close emerging gaps, sets the company apart from the rest. Since blockchain technology has already revamped the music industry, FilmoCrat figured it was time to find the right formula to disrupt the economics of film.

“Our formula does it by issuing digital shares in movies and yield automation,” CEO Casimir Gradek shared. Passionate about helping film production companies with film equity funding and marketing, FilmoCrat drives a digital ledger to manage the corresponding process while also assisting filmmakers in shifting from passive viewers to online interactive audiences.


A Budding Blockchain Blockbuster

FilmoCrat plans to embed film content sourcing, validation, funding, contractual distribution, and revenue routing within a year. The company aims to use this process to become the primary outlet for decentralized finance films and circulate their audience’s best vote-chosen movies, globally.

To illustrate how FilmoCrat will achieve this goal, the company compares its decentralized Film Finance Audit to Netflix’s concentration of authority. Netflix relies on debt financing for content production or acquiring film streaming rights. Its content release authority has no audience engagement component, nor does the Netflix streaming model reward consumers.

Unlike Netflix, FilmoCrat does not invest in movies. It instead provides decentralized film sourcing, commercial validation, equity funding, and distribution infrastructure. By embedding beta audiences as a content validation authority, the ecosystem incentivizes consumers and provides content owners with unbiased monetization.

According to FilmoCrat, they are creating a scalable film funding, streaming, and franchising mechanism with unprecedented growth potential and exit opportunities. Gradek’s plans are ambitious: “We will reach Netflix-like level of consumers three to four years from launch. By 2026, we will likely earn $900 million a year on commissions from film consumption fees.”


The Good, the Bad, and the Bumpy

Founded in only 2020, FilmoCrat has already achieved considerable traction. Their most significant landmark to date was developing a lean engagement process between film studios, investors, and cinematic funds, and structuring film equity payoffs. The team has devised a patent-pending system to launch original content into the market, split revenue, and dispatch participants’ ROI separately in real-time while the movie is streaming.

But in the process of getting to where they are now, FlimoCrat also faced a number of its own roadblocks. For example, blockchain is commonly associated with cryptocurrencies and market volatility. “We had to detach the FilmoCrat system from that perception,” Gradek noted. While films provide value to consumers and can sometimes bring as high as 100x returns, film studios release products that require big budgets to do so.

“Embedding external finance in the film business requires stability and security of payment means,” Gradek continued. “We meet that need by automating internal transactions with internal tokens and processing incoming and outgoing payments in fiat electronic cash.”


Sharing Start-up Success

Building a startup is rarely easy, no matter the industry. FilmoCrat is no exception. “Oh, it is a challenge,” Gradek mused. According to the CEO, the key is to define the company’s niche, unique selling point, and value proposition. “Envisage a customer experience strategy, be persistent in development, and be consistent and integral with your brand values.”


Getting the Greenlight

FilmoCrat turned to Floww to access a wider audience of potential funding partners. According to Gradek, “Floww unveils new economic potential in multiple fields at both the investor and entrepreneur end.”

Surprised by the straightforward onboarding process, the CEO enthused about Floww’s excellent service, as well as the fast and constructive response provided,

"The support team has shown an unstoppable drive in helping us update the (FilmoCrat) profile and financial model, while also providing possibilities of getting introduced to a range of VC funds and business angels from all over the world."
Casimir Gradek - FilmoCrat

The startup chose Floww to raise seed and Series A funding to accelerate FilmoCrat’s platform development. A step closer to their goals, Gradek shared, “Innovative ideas can meet the ever-savvier customer’s needs through linking funds with startups, and Floww paves the way.”