8 Jul 2021

5 Social Media Trends Your Startup Needs To Know

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How can your startup use the latest trends in social media to boost customer engagement and achieve user growth?

From filters to e-commerce, tech trends are changing how users spend their personal time and reach out to people on their devices. Here are 5 tech trends shifting the landscape of social media and user interaction.

Augmented Reality

Snapchat was a pioneer within their venture into augmented reality glasses or “Spectacles” in 2016 and, despite this physical introduction being snapped up by only 0.08% of users, AR seems to continue to push boundaries on social media platforms.

AR on social media comes in many forms, from engaging photo or video filters that turn a blue sky into a rich, textured galaxy, to marketing strategies like Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Peace Pop “pack scan” Snapchat lens which turns your surroundings into a festival. Either way, AR is giving social media users a new way to experience, play and live through their camera lens and the content they engage with.

Social Commerce

By now many of us have had our minds read by telepathic e-commerce advertisements that just so happen to show us exactly what we want before we even have said it aloud. Social commerce has been harboured by Instagram and Facebook so you can shop and impulse buy to your heart’s content without leaving the app.

Startup, Venture Capital, Instagram, e-Commerce, Social Media

Image via TechNave.

With “Collections” and “Editors picks” on Instagram’s Shop function, the social media site that started with a picture of a stray dog has morphed into a space for social commerce. According to Hootsuite, more than 130 million users tap on an Instagram Shopping post each month. Social commerce is changing the way people shop, with 50% of people visiting a website to make a purchase after seeing a product or service advertised on Instagram. If you want to create a direct go-to-market channel to reach your customers, Instagram Shop is worth exploring.

Clickable URL: “Link in Bio”

Never underestimate the power of a link.

Platforms such as Linktree, Feedlink and Lnk.bio let brands host links to their websites, articles or affiliate sites without having to constantly switch out single URLs from their bios. These link-listing sites have revolutionized the social media space by driving traffic and aiding the conversion funnel from social media platforms to company websites, providing an alternative to the “swipe up” story function on Instagram, which can only be accessed after an account achieves 10,000+ followers.

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Image via Kojiblog.com

The sleek and fashionable link websites have been used by media outlets, small businesses and creators from Instagram to TikTok. For small businesses just setting foot on social media, they are a guaranteed and established way to take clients from story to site.

Virtual Reality

The commercial emphasis on virtual reality as an experience lends itself to social media platforms. The pandemic has seen a rise in social VR, as, at least in the beginning, the future of music, events and meetings were to be through a screen. In fact, social media platforms are being built around VR with the aim to bring people together. The director of Altspace, a social platform for VR, Jerry Gotteheil illustrated this point: “When you meet with somebody in VR, there is a sense that you are together, that you experience something with that person in a way that you wouldn’t [otherwise]”

Facebook has been pursuing a virtual reality initiative since 2014 when they acquired Oculus, a VR headset and game brand. Through Oculus, Facebook launched Facebook Horizon where users can explore virtual worlds, connect with people from all over the world, play team games and sports and create their own worlds. Social media is using VR as an alternative way for users to play and be virtually together that exceeds the limits of multi-player gaming.

Location Tags

They are not the most obvious tech innovation on social media, but location tags are subtly changing the social space for businesses and securing venture capital funds. The geo-tag search function is not new, but it is certainly finding new power as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter promotions enable businesses to reach their target audience from a specific locality through their IP addresses. Dubbed as ‘local targeting’, geo-tags can be used to grow a startup’s local prominence before it goes global.

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Header Image via Facebook / Oculus.