29 Jul 2021

5 Local SEO Tips To Get Your Business At The Top Of Searches

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“The best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google” is a popular meme among search engine optimizers, but only because it is true.

Consumers gravitate to the services that are most easily available, and with even local business being done largely online nowadays, these services are usually found at the very top of search listings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that allows even new startups to take advantage of search engines by helping them to understand and present their content.

Most businesses today know to ensure their site is well connected to others on the web, to ensure it has been crawled by Google, and to ensure it has an accessible design. But what about the techniques that most new businesses don’t know?

Here are 5 advanced SEO techniques that will ensure local clients find you before they find your competitors.

  1. Geo-fencing with Map Pinning

If yours is a local business with Solv of 80% or more, you can refine targets to location-specific customers, making advertising more relevant and cost-effective. Businesses can build a “geo-fence” around their area of operations, so that potential customers receive marketing messages when their device enters that area. Geo-fencing requires an App, which many businesses develop themselves. You can also join pre-existing apps like Salesforce.

  1. Level Up Your Schema

It’s on-trend to discuss schema optimization these days, but many businesses still overlook the potential held in their sites’ microdata. The businesses experiencing booms in traffic right now are the ones with a separate schema for each of their web pages. Individual schema can also be stacked with up to 5000 words of keyword content, diversifying the searches that businesses rank highly on. If your schema is fed with the right number of social signals, your traffic is bound to increase.

  1. Map Best-Performing Images to Your Website

A simple but powerful trick. If any company image posts have grossed over 1000 views and are indexed in Google search, add them to your website gallery with cross-links to the original post. Anyone engaging with these images is encouraged to visit the site.

  1. Link Google Reviews to your Home page

Another way of turning engagement with your business on Google into engagement with your page. Use a schema markup to enhance how positive reviews are displayed in search results. Telling the search engine that your site contains customer-submitted reviews will help them to direct potential customers to your page, especially if your competitors aren’t taking advantage!

Google Reviews are a great way to lend authority to your small business

Google Reviews are a great way to lend authority to your business and gain traction.

  1. Link Maps to Your Listing

Especially important for local businesses, this adds another platform through which potential customers can engage with you. Connecting your page with maps using a widget allows people looking for services locally to connect with you quickly, and tools like WP Google Maps are available to get it done in minutes.

Growing your rankings is never easy, but these tried-and-true methods are sure to get you safely on your way to that first page of results.

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