8 Jun 2021

4 Technologies That Are Revolutionising The Way You Work Out

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Within the past year, the fitness industry has undergone a transformational digital pivot. Its ability to adapt to the pressures of lockdown has not only protected the industry from disaster but has also enabled it to unlock a new audience.

During the lockdown, many people who had never stepped foot in a gym suddenly found new time to dedicate to exercise – and digital fitness made it easier and more accessible than ever.

Read on to find out about the technology that has dominated lockdown, as well as digital options that will revolutionise your future in-person experiences.

Wearable AI

For those looking to level up home workouts or refine sporting skills, wearable AI technology responds to your specific movements and provides personalised training.

The AI monitors your movement via your clothing and from this offers guidance on how to improve. Asensei—which currently focuses on yoga and rowing—enables amateurs to improve their technique and reduce safety risks when working alone with their Connected Coaching AI.

Sensors you put in your workout clothes connect to apps on your phone or smartwatch to give you voice guidance throughout your workout, as well as post-workout feedback.

Sensoria offers branded clothing for runners, from socks that measure your cadence, impact force, and foot landing, to sports bras and tops that monitor heart rate real-time.

These all connect back to the Sensoria Running App which provides AI coaching.

Virtual Reality Workouts

Adding a new element of fun to exercise, Black Box VR gamifies resistance training and HIIT workouts in their virtual sport training centres.

Black Box’s private VR booths are set up in gyms, where users can then access them. Enter the games reality by putting on a virtual reality headset and attaching it to specialised weights – you can then control the game through your body movements.

This produces both a seamless VR experience and a complete workout. With this new technology, the struggle for motivation when going to the gym is no longer an issue.

Compact Home Equipment

The home gym equipment market is booming: it is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 9% by revenue from 2019-2025, according to Research and Markets.

This success has only been possible through adapting gym equipment to make it suitable for the home environment. JAXJOX takes the demand for compatibility and versatility to a whole new level, offering smart adjustable equipment, such as KettlebellConnect, which has multiple weight options that are easily and quickly switched between.

This equipment also features sensors that link up to AI-powered performance tracking and personal training.

Peloton, an exercise bike and treadmill company, rocketed during the pandemic, with a stock gain of more than 440% in 2020.

Their cardio equipment is compact, adjustable, and quiet, and connects to hundreds of live classes which utilise the equipment in different ways.

Despite this initial success, though, Peloton is now facing a challenge as its stock fell 14% the week of April 21, 2021, following safety concerns from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Interactive Digital Classes

Being able to access live classes from the comfort of home has opened up learning opportunities for those who feel shy to work out around others, or simply don’t have the time to make it to the gym.

Most fitness clubs are now offering live classes, but for a larger timetable and a fully interactive experience, many are looking into higher-end options.

Lululemon’s Mirror is a home fitness device that streams thousands of live and on-demand classes whilst showing you your reflection, so you can adjust your form. When not working out, the device hides in plain sight, functioning as a stylish wall mirror.

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