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Our Journey

At Floww we are building a new space – where entrepreneurs are supported, and investors have the data to invest in game changing companies. We operate with radical transparency for our users and employees alike.

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Dreamers, Thinkers & Do’ers

We are a group of global forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, relentlessly translating complex ideas into simple solutions. It’s our goal to make the inner entrepreneur within each one of our employees grow and flourish.

See a problem? Create the solution. Move quickly and with conviction. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status quo.

The All-in-One Platform for Startups, VCs and Investors

We are an ecosystem where every player benefits from interacting within the network. We connect startups with venture capital and investors, based on merit and real data.

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Floww Platform: Phone App
Floww Platform: Phone App

Startups, Venture Capitalists and Investors all on one platform.

The perfect way to Report, Analyse and Connect your way to success.